RMGT 9 dominates the 8-up offset press market, with over 700 presses installed worldwide

The RMGT 9 series press offers key cost advantages for today’s price competitive printing market when handling a wide range of printing jobs, from A1 posters to 8-up printing of 8.5x11 inch. When compared to a B1, 40 inch size press, the RMGT 9 series press offers  significantly lower plate costs and power consumption as well as a much smaller installation space.  

The press offers the ideal solution for 8-up, 16-Page signatures with exceptional cost performance. A 500 sheet job run on the RMGT 9 series press is the equivalent to 4,000 digitally printed 12 x18 inch sheets. Printing two sided on one sheet of an 8-Up, 16-page signatures can be performed in less than 12 minutes. When comparing this to fastest Digital Machines out there, it would take 64 minutes to produce and at over 6 times the cost!


LED-UV Curing with instant ON/OFF, no shutters, no cooling and low energy system, ensures instant curing at full press speeds while reducing power consumption and boasts a longer life compared to a conventional UV lamp type system including H-UV. LED-UV eliminates the need to wait for the ink to dry and cures printed sheets instantly, while delivering consistent print quality that is completely “FINISH-READY”. 

Stability from a unique high-speed feeder that uses air control to ensure stable paper transport even at high-speeds for paper thickness’s ranging from 0.04mm paper to 0.6mm card stock.

55” Large Screen Monitor with video images of the paper feed status which can be viewed in real-time. Many monitoring features include ink-key openings display, image data, job progress, printing density results and safety device operating status.

High-Speed, Plate Changing with a choice of semi-automatic, which comes standard, or a choice of fully automatic and simultaneously fully-automatic plate changers.

Automatic convertible long perfecting is fully automated convertible perfector that offers tool-less changeovers and can alternate from perfecting to straight printing in a matter of minutes. Efficiently print 2-sided 4 over 4 sheets, as well as print up to 8-colors on one side of the sheet.




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