The RMGT 7 Series offers a wide range of unit configurations to meet specific customer needs for a high-productivity, high-profitability printing and packaging environment.

  • Max .Sheet Size: 20" x 27.01"

  • Min. Sheet Size: 11.42" x 16.14" (option 7.87"x10.98")

  • Stock thickness range of 0.0016" to 0.024"

  • Speed up to 16,900 sheets per hour

  • Multimode dampening system

  • Double-diameter impression and transfer cylinders

  • Optional LED-UV curing unit

The perfect choice for diverse short-run

printing jobs.

The demand for high-mix, short-run, fast turnaround, high value-added printing is driving the daily workflow toward high levels of complexity and specialization. The diverse specifications of different jobs makes printing processes more difficult to manage. Also, there is a need to employ special techniques and effects to differentiate sales materials for added impact.

The RMGT 7 Series press offers the exceptional reliability and advanced features needed to respond to this trend. With advanced automatic systems that shorten make-ready time and high-speed printing at up to 16,000 sheets per hour*, these high-performance offset presses boost productivity and optimize production efficiency for diverse short-run printing. The RMGT 7 Series press delivers top performance for a wide range of printing work, providing crucial support for success in a competitive market.

* The maximum printing speed of the RMGT 7 (790PF model convertible perfector) is 15,000 SPH.

Various automatic systems and laborsaving 

functions shorten make-ready time 

The key to higher productivity for diverse short-run printing is shorter make-ready times. With Program Inking for quick and easy color setting, an automatic plate changing system and automatic cleaning devices, the majority of make-ready work is fully automated. 

Fast, ultra precise plate changing 

The SPC semiautomatic plate changing system comes as standard and allows plates to be changed quickly and accurately. The operator merely sets the plate on the positioning pins and presses the button for plate changing. Plate changing can be automated with the Smart-FPC* fully automatic simultaneous plate changing system or FPC* fully automatic plate changing system, which can be combined with Smart Make-Ready functions* so that blanket cleaning, preset inking, and test printing are also performed automatically for even greater work efficiency. 

* Option 

The pursuit of uncompromising printing quality 

A printing press is comprised of many different mechanisms and components, and printing quality depends on their precision and quality. Press mechanisms with micron-level precision ensure consistent printing quality and excellent color reproduction. Strong, durable, high-precision construction is key to maintaining uncompromising printing quality over long years of use. 

Printing on a wide range of substrates 

A printing company must be able to print on many different types of substrates to meet diverse needs and expand the range of work that can be performed. 

Optional advanced devices ensure stable feed and transport for all types of substrates, from thin paper to thick stock and even film and synthetic substrates. Models with convertible perfecting device boost productivity for double-sided printing. 

Centralized management and control of printing quality and productivity 

The RMGT 6 and 7 form an integral part of the optimal digital work flow centered on the Printing Control System PCS-G. With connections to an MIS designed for CIP4-JDF, a color management system linked to pre-press data, 

and other pre- and post-press functions, centralized management and control of printing quality 

and productivity is realized in the optimization of printing operations.

A variety of units to meet a wide range of customer needs 

UV printing enables high-value-added printing. By combining various surface treatment techniques with UV printing-compatible substrates and ink, new types of printed materials can be created that are extremely attractive and offer high added value. Various printing system configurations are available for creating high-value-added printing work to meet diverse needs. 

LED-UV curing system* for superior 

eco-friendliness and higher productivity 

RMGT is the first press manufacturer worldwide to offer LED-UV curing systems 

for commercial-scale sheet-fed offset printing. 

RMGT continues to lead the industry in this area by improving and developing its curing system, which features outstanding environmental performance. 




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