55" Real Time
Press Information Display

Real-time viewing of sheet transfer by press-mounted video cameras is available on the live-view monitor at the press operation console. The information display features a monitoring function to show image area data, job progress, print density measurement results, and operating conditions of safety devices. The screen can be viewed on a tablet connected to a Wi-Fi network, allowing remote operation at locations away from the delivery section. The press

information display contributes to a comfortable operational environment. 

Expert software

Built-in expert software controls ink adjustments at job changes. It stabilizes printing quality from start to end of printing, shortens makeready time, and reduces sheet waste.

Color Control System MCCS-e  

MCCS-e uses X-Rite’s sensor to measure printed color patches. Our original predictive control algorithm calculates the amount of ink deviation from the difference between target and measured values. MCCS-e automatically controls ink key opening volume to immediately converge on target values by performing color adjustment with high accuracy. In addition, an economy-type printing density control system, PDS-E SpectroDrive*, is also available.


Color Navigator

Color Navigator provides highly skilled operator-like fine-tuning of colors through a revolutionary touch screen color wheel installed in the IPC-III. Highly precise color adjustment and registration functions, encompassing RGB colors as well, are included.

Digital Workflow

A digital workflow can be established to integrate the entire press room, prepress, and other internal sections. With the IPC and PPC servers as an interface, you can not only implement MIS, CIP4, and JDF, but also easily connect to other management systems and prepress processes you have established separately.



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